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Let's decode the obvious Illuminati symbolism in this video of Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator

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This morning, TMZ released security video that appears to show Solange Knowles, sister of Beyoncé, attacking her brother-in-law Jay-Z in an elevator while leaving an after-party for the Met Gala. The video shows Solange yelling at Jay Z before swinging and kicking at him, with Jay Z at one point grabbing her foot. Though a bodyguard intervenes—both stopping the elevator just before the 12th floor to keep the doors from opening on paparazzi, and at one point restraining Solange—Beyoncé does not, appearing to remain calm, unaffected, and generally Beyoncé-like. In photos taken of the three leaving, Beyoncé is the only one smiling, while Jay Z is escorted to a separate car from the sisters.


The clip is already the first thing that comes up when you search for “Solange hit video.”

Jay Z PHYSICALLY ATTACKED by Beyonce's Sister Solange - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

As the clip has no audio, and the Carter-Knowles complex is remaining typically guarded when it comes to providing more information, the Internet has obviously taken it upon itself to formulate an explanation. On Twitter, for example, the hashtag “#WhatJayZSaidToSolange” continues to yield a torrent of memes and jokes. But as always, however, all this tomfoolery seems to be ignoring the obvious—that this is yet another in a long line of coded messages from the Illuminati.

Let’s look at the evidence.

The video is murky and shrouded in shadows. Just like the existence of the Illuminati.


The video is silent. Members of the Illuminati operate under a code of silence, which preserves their power. Keeping silent about this video also preserves Jay Z and Beyonce’s power.

The fight takes place on an elevator. As documented in this video, every elevator has an up/down button—a clearly embedded symbol that evokes the Illuminati’s doctrine of “As Above, So Below.” Is it merely coincidence that Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Solange chose to move between floors in a large building by using an elevator?

The elevator is also a large box. You know who makes boxes? Freemasons.

The elevator was stopped just after the 13th floor. The number 13 has special significance to the Illuminati, representing the 13 Satanic bloodlines. On Magna Carta Holy Grail, track 13 is usually where you’re like, “God damn, how much longer is this?


As they enter the elevator, they stand in a pyramid, with Jay Z at the “top.” Not unlike the “Eye of Providence” that the Illuminati uses as its symbol, and that Jay Z and Beyoncé use as something to make with their hands sometimes. In this configuration, Jay Z thus becomes the “All-Seeing Eye,” and can plainly see that Solange is trying to kick him.

There are three of them, which is the metaphysical formula the Illuminati believes is required to create any magical manifestation. Representing energy (Solange kicking and yelling), space (Jay Z’s lack of it, because Solange is kicking him), and time (Beyoncé, who doesn’t have time for this), these components all combine to create the magical manifestation of everyone wasting the day talking about this shit on the Internet—thereby bringing industry to a halt, and placing us all even further under the Illuminati’s control.