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Let's imagine Jurassic Park 2 going the Aliens route, and also starring Bruce Willis

Jurassic Park’s 1997 follow-up, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, is a polarizing movie. On one hand, it finds an excuse to put Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcom in the starring role; on the other, it ends with a left-turn bizarre enough to include a Tyrannosaurus stomping around SoCal, eating house pets and drinking pool water.

A mock-up trailer from Rich Williamson, Paul Holub, and Jason Stephens imagines a Jurassic Park 2 taking a much different approach—one that understands the proper way to make a crowd-pleasing sequel is to discard a predecessor’s thoughtfulness for full-on monster-killing. And adding Bruce Willis.


Following the pattern laid out by the Alien to Aliens shift from sci-fi horror to sci-fi action bloodbath, the clip mixes footage from Jurassic Park and The Lost World with, inexplicably, bits from 2003 war drama Tears of the Sun. In theory, this allows us to imagine an action-packed Jurassic Park 2 where dinosaurs are shot directly in their hissing dinosaur faces by grim-faced special operatives. In practice, we get a completely wonderful series of shots in which specific Jurassic Park scenes are remixed to fit Willis and crew into the action.

Come for the imagination-igniting prospect of a bloodier sequel, littered with the corpses of our planet’s most majestic creatures; stay for a trailer that sees a stoic Bruno snorting condensation onto a windowpane like an even scarier raptor.

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