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Letters On A Lake

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I met the guy who took this photo two weekends ago in line for the boats in Central Park. He was by himself, wheeling a little dolly with big plastic letters he'd bought from a sign shop. His project had taken him all over New York and Washington D.C., where he gathers groups of strangers to spell out OBAMA. Many rich outcomes on view if you click here.

New York was a cool zoo last night. The streets of Brooklyn were all honking and screaming for hours after the race had been called, people spilling onto the sidewalks and doling out high-fives to whoever happened to pass by. Just constant noise and commotion. Lafayette Street in Fort Greene turned into something like a parade: what had to be around 1,000 people just milling around and dancing to a drum circle that materialized in front of a deli. In Frank's Lounge, a great neighborhood bar where it's not uncommon to see old dudes in white suits and shiny shoes drinking Schlitz on ice, the soundsystem rocked Kool & The Gang's "Celebration" (a better song than anybody gives it credit for) and Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come."

What happened where you were? Any good stories?


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