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Following the three-day weekend in which they bid farewell to summer and a part of their youth, kids across the country are now heading back to school. So the timing’s perfect for Netflix to debut the first trailer for The Magic School Bus Rides Again, a kind of sequel series to the Canadian original.

Along with its new, copy editor-friendly title (it was supposed to be The Magic School Bus 360˚), the animated series has a new, younger Ms. Frizzle voiced by Kate McKinnon. The trailer’s full of wild images, but there’s perhaps no moment quite as compelling for past viewers as the handing of the baton–or bus keys—from Lily Tomlin as the original Ms. Frizzle to this usurper Fiona (McKinnon). We kid—we’re sure McKinnon will attack the part with her usual gusto, and help a new generation of kids learn about everything from STEM to sex ed. There’s another new voice on the bus, as Lin-Manuel Miranda has taken over for Little Richard on the theme song.


The Magic School Bus Rides Again beginning September 29 on Netflix.

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