Taking a break from spotting more of Michael Douglas' surgery scars for their "Knifestyles Of The Rich And Famous" column, those gumshoes over at Star magazine were the "first in the world" (yes, even ahead of you, iAfrica.com) to get to the bottom of Lindsay Lohan's latest trip to the hospital. So, let me get this straight: Lindsay was (for some reason) staying at Brian "Summer Of '69" Adams' London mansion over the weekend, when (for some reason involving a shower and lotion) she accidentally cut her shin with a shattered teacup, at which point, she (for some reason) decided to go out shopping anyway, bloody wound and all. Then, perhaps woozy from all the blood loss, Lindsay decided to call her mother, Dina, who (in a surprising display of motherly concern) advised her daughter to go to the hospital. Lindsay then followed her mother's advice, and got ten stitches in her leg. Dina, for her part, immediately got on the phone to Star to tell them the whole, ridiculous story. Well, congratulations, Star! You've uncovered the most convoluted celebrity excuse involving Bryan Adams' mansion of all time! It's even more convoluted then the time Ashlee Simpson blamed Bryan Adams' mansion for her fainting spell in Tokyo, or the time Jude Law said he slept with his children's nanny because Bryan Adams' mansion told him to. What mansion owned by a bland Canadian singer will celebrities blame for their accidents from now on? Any thoughts?