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Listen to a previously unreleased Shuggie Otis track from the upcoming Inspiration Information reissue

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Released in 1974, Inspiration Information is Shuggie Otis’ psychedelic soul classic, and it was recorded when he was just 18. Made even more notable by the withdrawl of Otis from public life immediately thereafter, the record has been hailed by everyone from David Byrne to Prince and Raphael Saadiq. Though Otis crept back into the public eye late last year with a series of tour dates, he’s still flown fairly under the radar of most music fans.

Epic/Legacy is hoping to change that with this April’s Inspiration Information reissue. The album is packaged with several bonus tracks, as well as a whole separate album of bonus material recorded between 1975 and today. Titled Wings Of Love, the bonus record also includes live material from some of Otis’ rare appearances.


Listen to one of those previously-unreleased tracks, “Miss Pretty,” below, and check out more information about the Inspiration Information/Wings Of Love on Otis’ site.