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Loiter Squad

When it was first announced that controversial rap crew Odd Future would be getting its very own Adult Swim show, reactions ranged from “I certainly hope that this program will retain the same irreverent, intentionally irritating humor and aesthetics of so much of that network’s late-night offerings,” to “Rape, rape, homophobia, rape, and more rape.” Judging by this trailer, at least one of those reactions was probably justified. The group’s foray into cable comedy does indeed blend the garish, low-budget look and frequent screaming of series such as Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, combined with the goofy stunts, pranks, and dangling nutsacks of Jackass. This, of course, is then mixed with the group’s own particular “swag,” which is a thing that people may or may not still be saying. On the upside, it doesn’t really matter if anyone laughs at this show, as the ever-independent members of Odd Future can just do that for themselves.

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