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Director Luc Besson’s Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets failed to become the next great sci-fi film franchise (and nobody really should’ve expected that to happen), but his film studio EuropaCorp isn’t going to just pack up and quit. Instead, Variety is reporting that the studio is planing to “scale back its ambitions and rejig its strategy.” Specifically, that means the EuropaCorp will stop making boring/bad stuff like The Circle and Nine Lives, and it will refocus on good stuff that people enjoy like Taken, The Professional, and The Fifth Element. This specific focus will also give Besson himself the time to be “creatively involved” on all projects, meaning he’ll be able to put his usual weirdo touch on even more movies.

In terms of what those movies will be, Variety says that EuropaCorp’s next project is “an English-language action thriller with a female lead” that is based on an original idea from Besson. He’s also working on a sequel to Lucy, the movie where Scarlett Johansson basically became a god, with the whole script reportedly complete. It’s unclear if the Lucy sequel is the same movie as the English-language action thriller, though, so Lucy 2 could be coming relatively soon.


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