Before Colin Hanks gets to maybe, probably be a serial killer on this season’s Dexter, he’ll have already honed his knife skills in the upcoming Lucky, which finds the less lyrically gifted spawn of Tom Hanks putting his affable, American boyish charm to work seducing then burying a whole bunch of blondes. In the film (which seems airlifted in from the ’90s golden age of antihero indie comedies), Hanks plays a paper-pusher who wins the lottery and gets the shrill, gold-digging girl of his dreams (Ari Graynor), then uses the newfound leisure time that his fortune affords to kill a succession of ladies who look just like her—something she doesn’t seem to mind, considering the trailer suggests she becomes his willing accomplice. The film is directed by another relative of a famous person, Phoebe Cates’ cousin Gil, and features roles for both Ann-Margret as Hanks’ mother and Jeffrey Tambor as the cop who’s investigating him. Watch as Hanks transforms into the nicest darn murderer since Ted Bundy.