She sings about a slightly older girl named Rachel (she was in third grade, Dacus was in second) who offered young Dacus help with getting boys by giving her kissing lessons. And although the girls talked about having crushes on boys, Dacus’ infatuation grew stronger: “I still wear a letter R charm on my bracelet / and wonder if she thinks of me as her first kiss,” she sings.


“Kissing Lessons” received similar treatment from the musician’s fans as “Thumbs,” the song that Dacus kept in the vaults for a few years until Home Video. Some who knew about “Kissing Lessons” from live performances had been eagerly awaiting it; the Twitter account that tracked how many days had gone by without Dacus releasing “Thumbs” even re-branded itself by turning into a “Has Lucy released ‘Kissing Lessons’?” account.

The same account shared a flyer it spotted in Brooklyn, one that teased, “Nervous about making the first move? Call (804) 409-4451 for kissing lessons.” Though the flyer didn’t mention Dacus’ name, those who knew about the song quickly figured it out, as flyers also began popping up around Dacus’ hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Anyone who called the number could hear the song before its official release.