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Mad video game scientist creates enormous Nintendo Switch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Michael Pick

One of the Nintendo Switch’s most notable features is that it can easily be used as either a home video game console or as a portable, handheld device. Naturally, someone has decided to go ahead and destroy that capability by painstakingly creating a functioning Switch that’s about as big as a grown person.

The Galapagos Switch was made by YouTuber Michael Pick, who documented his mad quest in a recent video. “I really like the Nintendo Switch,” he says in the opening. “It’s small, it’s portable, but it’s really easy to lose. And for me that was a problem.” Whereas most of us would just try harder to keep track of our system, Pick decides the best way to solve his issue is to break out the tools and build a 30" by 70", 65 pound version of the console. His creation is apparently “650% bigger” than the normal model.

He calls it the “World’s Largest Fully Functional Nintendo Switch”—a claim we have no reason to doubt, given that no other monstrous Switches have come lumbering out of primeval forests lately. Once finished with his construction, Pick sets the Switch down on a desk, hooks up a wireless controller, and plays a few rounds of Mario Kart and Fortnite on the behemoth. It all works, even if it so big that playing without an attached controller basically requires two people to operate the thing.


Aside from the lack of practicality, the mutant console is very cool as a novelty device—which is why it’s good to see Pick deliver his creation to a children’s hospital at the end of the video rather than keep it wedged behind his TV. Our only hope is that the hospital staff, pictured wheeling the beast inside on a giant tray, knew what they were getting into when he called to let them know he wanted to donate a Switch.

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