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Mads Mikkelsen to kill a bunch of people (again) in The Black Kaiser

Mikkelsen is returning to the role of professional killer Duncan Vizla, last seen in Netflix's Polar.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Mads Mikkelsen in Polar
Mads Mikkelsen in Polar
Photo: Netflix

After years of anticipation, Mads Mikkelsen revealed today that he’s finally set to return to a role that made him internationally famous; a role that saw him push the limits of conventional morality on the screen; a role where he played a killer whose thought processes are so alien as to barely register as human.

That’s right, friends: Mads Mikkelsen is making a follow-up to Polar.

You know, Polar? You remember Polar, right? No, not Arctic; that one was the 2019 Mads Mikkelsen movie about cold temperatures. We’re talking about the 2019 Mads Mikkelsen hitman movie. Polar!


Okay, anyway: Mads is set to soon star in The Black Kaiser, a sort of sequel to his 2019 Netflix action thriller Polar, about a hitman trying to get out of the game but they just… keep… dragging him back in. (In this case, as part of a shockingly chintzy scheme to cut an extremely experienced man murderer out of $8 million in retirement funds.)

Like Polar, The Black Kaiser is based on Victor Santos’ comic series, with Jonas Åkerlund once again directing, and Mikkelsen teaming up with writer Jayson Rothwell on the script. The film will see Mikkelsen once again play Duncan “The Black Kaiser” Vizla, an internationally infamous contract killer who becomes the target of one of those big international conspiracies that never seems to realize that antagonizing the world’s most talented murderer is a profoundly dumb idea.


This is all per Variety, which does not, as it happens, report whether Vanessa Hudgens—who co-starred in Polar, and who was a big part of its cliffhanger ending—will be reprising her role for the sequel.

Mikkelsen has had a busy year, most notably taking over Grindlewald duties on on the Fantastic Beasts franchise for The Secrets Of Dumbledore. He also starred in last year’s Chaos Walking, and is set to make an appearance (presumably as an ominous bad guy) in the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones film.