Comedian Margaret Cho joins us in the Pick A Choice warm seat for today’s episode. As regular viewers know, Pick A Choice is both a game show and a profound exploration of the self. As she plays through her game, Cho has an epiphany about her love of the great outdoors—or lack thereof—and it provides a startling insight into her sexuality. Cho has more insights where that came from—you can see her share them on stage, in hilarious fashion, by catching her PsyCHO special on Showtime or by attending one of her live appearances—check those tour dates!

For those who are new to the program, here are the rules: In each round, our guest draws two cards from a deck filled with famous names (both real and fictional) and one card from a deck of scenarios. Then it’s time for the guest to decide who they’d rather pick in the given scenario. For instance, would Bill Fagerbakke or Rihanna be a better choice as a partner on your high school science project?

If you’ve missed previous installments of Pick A Choice, you can watch them on a loop, forever.