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Marilyn Manson announces new album, wants to work with Lil Uzi Vert

(Photo: Getty Images, Stuart C. Wilson)
(Photo: Getty Images, Stuart C. Wilson)

As reported by Consequence Of Sound, Marilyn Manson has announced a new record called Heaven Upside Down that’s set for release on October 6. The album was originally called SAY10 and was supposed to come out earlier this year, but Manson reportedly delayed it so he could finish more tracks. This new incarnation of the album only has 10 songs, though, which suggests that he cut a couple of stinkers or that he almost released a pretty short LP before deciding to go back to the drawing board for a bit. Apparently, the album was also partially inspired by Rihanna, or at least the enthusiasm and sincerity that she puts into her lives shows. In an upcoming interview with Consequence Of Sound, Manson says that he tries to bring a similar level of sincerity to his own performances, because “you can tell when something is being forced and trying to be something it isn’t.


Elsewhere in that interview, Manson says he’s interested in helping rapper Lil Uzi Vert break into the rock world, but not with “some rock/rap type of thing.” Manson is envisioning this project as “something special and new” that “needs to be created just to fuck the world up more.”

You can hear the first single from Heaven Upside Down below.

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