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Marvel's newest comic-to-TV series: AKA Jessica Jones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In case you thought it was maybe just screwing with your head when it set up a whole new TV division—which, come on, would be an insane waste of money and resources, you self-centered bastard—Marvel has added the adaptation AKA Jessica Jones to its list of potential comic-book series in development, hoping to build a dramedy around the reluctant, embittered superheroine first glimpsed in Alias (no relation to the show).

The character, also known as Jewel and Knightress, is a retconned member of the Marvel universe, a former classmate of Peter Parker who had crushes on both him and the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, then became a superhero herself after getting doused with radioactive chemicals. Her Zelig-like connection to Marvel’s most famous doesn’t end there: Jones was awakened from a coma by Galactus, briefly fell under the thrall of Daredevil enemy Purple Man, fought Iron Man, underwent therapy with Jean Grey, dated Clay Quartermain and Ant-Man, married Luke Cage and had his child, and eventually joined The New Avengers.


Of course, AKA Jessica Jones (so far, at least) will be limited to just the events of Alias, delving into Jones’ decision to renounce being a superhero and instead open up a private investigation service—which then leads her right back into working with superheroes. In that sense, it seems like a direct competitor to The CW’s potential series based on the DC character Raven, another seemingly minor player who nevertheless has a connection to the Teen Titans and thus the larger DC world.

Not that Jones isn’t intriguing on her own: The show’s head writer and executive producer Melissa Rosenberg—one of the growing number of people who used to be in charge at Dexter and the screenwriter behind all of the Twilight movies—says she’s drawn to Jones’ flaws and “biting sense of humor,” and certainly the Alias comic (part of Marvel’s adult-oriented MAX line) suggests that it will be darker than the Smallville replacement that Raven is aiming to be. (It’s just too bad the name Alias was already taken, as AKA Jessica Jones has sort of a generic rom-com, The Days And Nights Of Molly Dodd ring to it.) Anyway, the show is already on track for a possible debut next fall.