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Mastodon made another guest appearance on Game Of Thrones last night

(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

[There be Game Of Thrones spoilers here, so if you’re not all caught up, why not read about Peter Stormare’s thoughts on Michael Bay?]

The dust and melted ice are still settling on the seventh season of Game Of Thrones, whose finale delivered on many fronts, including righteous Stark vengeance and the looming White Walker invasion. As we watched the Night King go all Gorbachev after seriously pimping his ride, some viewers took special note of the zombies slowly marching across the tundra. Noisey spied members of the Atlanta-based metal band Mastodon, who were reprising their roles as wights.


The musicians played wildlings in the season five episode, “Hardhome,” raising hell alongside Tormund before being killed and turned into zombies in short order. And as “The Dragon And The Wolf” closed out, they shuffled across the new “doorway” created by Viserion (now “Vicerion?”). Thrones producers should take note that just because this repeat appearance was well received, it doesn’t mean viewers want to see Ed Sheeran’s Lannister knight serenade Arya some more.

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