Matt Bellassai is kind of an internet superstar. He worked as a comedy writer at BuzzFeed for three and a half years, starring in its wildly popular Whine About It series. He also tours the country as a stand-up comedian; has his own webseries, To Be Honest; hosts a podcast, Unhappy Hour With Matt Bellassai; and won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Social Media Star (which is a thing that exists). Now he’s written a book, Everything Is Awful, “a collection of hilariously anguished essays chronicling awful moments from Matt’s life so far,” that’s due out October 24.

Matt Bellassai is here to help us launch our new series, Dice Of Disgust, where we test the limits of both our question-writing abilities and our guests’ gustatory stamina. How it works is in the video, and you’ll want to watch to the end to see what happens when you mix white wine, raspberries, sauerkraut, and habaneros.