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Matthew McConaughey spoke at Guy Fieri's Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the greatest honor a person in entertainment can receive that they also must pay $50,000 for. The chance to be immortalized among the many Batmen, Jack Sparrows, and brawling Spongebobs is one that simply cannot be passed up. So when, at long last, the time came for Guy Fieri to add his name to a storied group that includes Bill Cosby, Randy Quaid, and Shrek, there was no way his apparently very good friend Matthew McConaughey was going to miss it.

“Alright, alright, alright,” said McConaughey of the honor being bestowed upon the longtime Food Network star.

Yes, the Oscar-winning star of Dallas Buyers Club is close friends with the inventor of Donkey Sauce. As McConaughey explained, the two struck up a friendship some 15 years ago, back when McConaughey was traveling the country in an RV. On his trip around America, McConaughey found himself regularly watching Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives while subsisting on a transcontinental diet of Subway sandwiches. As such, it wasn’t long before he remembered he’s famous enough to just ask Fieri to help him put it on a flip flop.


McConaughey was on a journey to discover America; Guy Fieri showed him Flavortown. Guided by Fieri, McConaughey toured the country, finding the funky spots and the righteous joints serving hot frisbees of fun. Eventually, McConaughey returned from his greasy-food vision quest and met his spiritual guru in person, a meeting which sounds exactly how you’d expect, with McConaughey spouting out his signature brand of bro-philosophizing and Fieri talking about how one must stay funkilicious to one’s true nature.

“We cooked a lot of food,” said McConaughey. “We ate a lot of food. We drank a lot of spirits. We talked about life, and we talked about being authentic to who you are and that’s the night that I met you, Guy Fieri.”


For Fieri fans who can’t make the trip out to Los Angeles to pay tribute to his new star in person, you can still find your own path to Flavortown at one of his many restaurants worldwide, in the freezer section of your local grocer, or wherever the open road may take you.

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