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While the current, actual culture clashes in Turkey are of a noticeably less fun variety, a far more handsome invasion is making its way to the country in the form of Medcezir, the Turkish remake of The O.C. After enjoying some success importing Gossip Girl, Turkey is now turning to Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s other rich kid soap opera, reimagining the show about what happens when a guy from a tough neighborhood moves in with the family of his wealthy lawyer, then slowly strips the leather wrist cuff from around his heart.

The trailer is above and it’s without subtitles—though if you’ve seen The O.C., you’ll instantly recognize something familiar in Turkish Ben McKenzie’s hoodie-brooding, Turkish Peter Gallagher’s looks of fatherly concern, and Turkish Mischa Barton’s just standing there, waiting to be annoying. There’s even that infamous punch that may or may not, but hopefully is, accompanied by the Turkish version of “Welcome to Medcezir, [Turkish equivalent of ‘bitch’].” Hopefully a future episode will deal with the gang trying really hard to get into the Rooney concert, as presumably Rooney is also just now getting really big in Turkey. Cappadocia, here we come. [via Variety]

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