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With nearly a decade having passed since the last Men In Black movie, and our own collective national memory vaporized every time we come across some new shiny thing, the preview for the long-derailed Men In Black III bears the double burden of laying out its latest storyline while also reminding you who these men in black are, and why you should care that here they come again, oooh yeah, let me see you just bounce with me, and make your neck work, now freeze. To wit, one is sassy and hip-hop-ified, and the other is older and stopped enjoying this sort of thing around the turn of the Willennium, but then they had all this money… And so Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back in their suits, having snappy confrontations with streetwise aliens, and reigniting their unique chemistry where Smith mugs for the back rows in Beijing and Jones visibly counts the minutes until all this silliness is contractually fulfilled.


Fortunately for him, it doesn’t appear he has to put up with it for long: After wading through several scenes of rehashed “we’re back!” exposition, this trailer finally gets into some of the actual plot points outlined across the imported Italian marble in that other trailer, with Emma Thompson grimly informing Smith that Jones has actually been dead for 40 years. Never one to take a hint, this once more prompts Smith to go to extremes to continue their hilarious banter—in this case, literally jumping back in time to retrieve him—though here, at least, Jones is finally relieved of the onus by turning over the part of Tommy Lee Jones to younger model Josh Brolin. And given the numerous delays and script revisions that have plagued the film, the producers may still be working out what exactly happens from there. In the meantime, they ask by proxy that you "don't even worry about it."

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