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Michael B. Jordan lights up some stupid books in the trailer for HBO's Fahrenheit 451

Michael B. Jordan is especially hot these days thanks to Black Panther, and HBO is going to capitalize on that later this year with an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s book-burning novel Fahrenheit 451. The film will premiere in May, and the premium cable network has just shared a teaser that features Jordan and Michael Shannon as firemen furiously burning books in order to destroy dangerous concepts like “knowledge.” In case you can’t tell, there seems to be a bit of timely commentary happening in this updated version of the story, what with the people in VR glasses and Shannon denouncing the horrors of “news” and “facts,” but hopefully Jordan’s Guy Montag will eventually realize how crazy this whole futuristic society is and duck out while he still can.


Or, who knows, maybe this will change the ending from the book and Montag will decide that burning books is great and everyone should spend their time watching high-quality entertainment on HBO.

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