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Michael B. Jordan swears he’s into deep-cut anime

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Right now, Michael B. Jordan has the potential to be the coolest dude on the planet. He’s being critically lauded for playing one of the most interesting Marvel villains to date in the number one movie at the box office. He’s undeniably handsome and has his tight-fitting-sweater game on lock. Also, he was once on The Wire. Despite all this—and perhaps in an attempt to sabotage his own coolness—Michael B. Jordan is out here trying to prove to people that he’s a legit anime fan.

It all started when Jordan appeared on the popular hot-sauce-based interview show Hot Ones and mentioned that he not only lives with his parents but also enjoys the anime series One Punch Man. This inspired one frustrated fan to vent on Twitter about how someone as supposedly desirable as Jordan can possess so many “unacceptable” qualities.


“First of all, I’m 6ft and they live with ME,” Jordan replied in faux indignation. Although sources differ on the height issue, it is somewhat cooler to be able to provide a nice home for your parents because you’re rich as hell. “And Goku & Naruto are real ones,” he added, doubling down on his passion for anime but also drawing the ire of fans who claimed he was only into “mainstream” series. Like a socially awkward kid at a comic book shop, Jordan jumped back into the fray to defend his nerd cred.


This isn’t the first time Jordan’s love of anime has been publicly discussed. During his “73 Questions” interview for Vogue, he mentioned his desire to visit Tokyo, saying, “Anime. It’s the best.” Back in 2014, while doing a Newlywed Game-inspired interview with his That Awkward Moment co-stars, Jordan was asked what his “guilty pleasure” was. His answer? “Women” with the word “anime” hastily crossed out underneath.


In fact, the further back you go in Jordan’s Twitter feed, the more mentions of specific anime you’ll see. But, based on this evidence alone, we can really only surmise that the dude is really into Naruto and was eager to watch some Bleach back in 2011. We’re not in full-blown weeaboo territory just yet.


Needless to say, the question of whether he’s really into the deep-cut anime remains unanswered. One Punch Man is a good place to start, but until Jordan starts talking about Sword Art Online or shows up to a red carpet event with a Chobits body pillow, he’ll still just be another incredibly cool, successful, handsome guy. What a shame.


[via Vulture]

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