Clearly the world is in the midst of a Tysonaissance. From his heralded one-man show, to his bromance with the Black Keys, Mike Tyson is enjoying newfound popularity in some unlikely places. As promised/threatened in its upfronts back in May 2013, Adult Swim unveiled the trailer for its latest animated series, Mike Tyson Mysteries, at Comic-Con. And while the premise already sounded fairly intriguing, promising that Mike Tyson would solve mysteries with his talking bird companion, the end result appears even more bugnuts.

Combining elements of The Funky Phantom and the Mister T cartoon, Mike Tyson Mysteries has the former boxer providing his own voice while leading a team made up of a young moppet (Rachel Ramras), the ghost of a dandy (Jim Rash), and a sassy talking pigeon (Norm Macdonald). It’s unclear if any show could possibly live up to the delightful insanity on display here, which includes Tyson punching out a dinosaur, riding a tiger, and getting excited to fight a chupacabra (or as he calls it, the “chupacama”), but we’ll all find out this fall.