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Millie Bobby Brown drops the mic on a pretty killer Stranger Things recap rap

Screenshot: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Stranger Things season two has been out long enough by now that most of you have probably already started your return trip to Hawkins, Indiana. But for anybody who’s still trying to remember what the hell happened on the Netflix hit’s first season, you’re in luck: Courtesy of The Tonight Show, star Millie Bobby Brown offered up a little Halloween treat tonight, rapping a recap of everything that went down last summer.

It’s pretty well done, too, hitting all the major plot beats—and even featuring a little lyrical #JusticeForBarb—including a fun little hook. For her part, Brown (who’s rapped on the show before) is enthusiastic and clear, managing to hit a pretty quick tempo with these in-character rhymes. (Although, if we could banish Jimmy Fallon’s background beatboxing to the Upside Down, all the better.) We’re not sure Stranger Things 2 necessarily needs more hype at this exact moment, but it’s hard to deny that Brown earned the mic drop she awarded herself at the end of her set.


[via Vulture]

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