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Having already been usurped in the public consciousness by its bitter rival, Snow White And The Huntsman, Relativity Media wasted no time in getting a trailer together for its own Mirror Mirror, except for those 15 minutes or so where it stopped again to ponder whether having competing Snow White reboots debut within months of each other was kinda ridiculous and maybe they should have just pulled back after all. “Nahhhhhhh,” says this preview, “because we’re the funny one. Who needs all that gritty atmosphere when you’ve got Julia Roberts giving Nathan Lane a hard time, jokes about girdles, men acting like cartoon dogs, and dwarfs who are fond of puns and have seen Scarface, apparently?” Initially considered its selling point, director Tarsem Singh’s usual ornate visuals are on display, though even those are rendered inherently cartoonish under the weight of so much concentrated goofiness. It’s a knee-jerk reaction, but it seems like the best hope that Mirror Mirror has for beating Huntsman is ensuring that no one wants to see any Snow White movies next year.


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