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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Last night on The Hills Season Finale after-party, sandwiched in between bouts of high-pitched screaming, endless yammering by two hosts wearing young people costumes, and Usher's heartfelt admission (through song) that he wants to make love, right here, in this club presumably to you, MTV dug deep into their promotional reserves and unearthed a six-minute trailer for their latest televised gag reflex: My Super Sweet 16 Presents: Exiled

The premise of the show is to "punish" some of the spoiled brats from My Super Sweet 16. How? By giving them each their own camera crew, TV show, and mountains and mountains of the attention that they so desperately crave. There's also something about sending them to less-affluent countries to live with poor people for a week in order to give them each a "reality check," but the reality of most poor people in less affluent countries doesn't include TV cameras, liability waivers, monetary compensation for living poor, and daily interviews with producers about how you're really growing as a person.


I'm sure that Amanda (who is at least 35, no matter what MTV says) learned a lot from the seven whole days she spent in Africa in the long shadow of MTV's cameras. No doubt she learned that it's hard to maintain your crispy curls in the dry heat of Nairobi, that eyeliner can melt very easily, and that she never wants to go to Africa again. But the biggest lesson she learned was definitely this: if you're spectacularly spoiled enough, you can easily make a career out of acting spoiled on TV.

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