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Netflix finally announces The Punisher premiere date with a new trailer

After a long period of teasers followed by a Metallica-heavy full-length trailer, Netflix has finally announced a release date for The Punisher. And despite the recent cancellation of the show’s NY Comic-Con panel in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, the series will still arrive in 2017.

The announcement comes at the end of a brand-new trailer, in which we get a few more details about the overall plot of the season. It looks like the villain for season one is going to be the man who led Frank Castle’s mysterious military expedition overseas, the one that Castle thought was morally wrong. And now, Castle is the only one left who knows about it, meaning the bad guys want him dead so bad, they were willing to kill his whole family in the attempt to take him out. Oops. So it’s to be revenge as always for the Punisher (and yet more Metallica as the soundtrack), and now Netflix has stopped screwing around with those irritating garbled release dates and just said when we’ll get to watch the mayhem unfold: November 17.


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