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Netflix renews BoJack Horseman for a fifth season

(Image: Netflix)

Just a couple days after The A.V. Club wrapped up its coverage of the show’s fourth season, Netflix has decided to renew BoJack Horseman for a fifth season. The streaming service announced the news in a press release, but it’s much more interested in sharing the news with a fun cartoon clip featuring a “clingy Netflix exec” who really wants BoJack to know how great his show is:


This raises some interesting meta-questions, since the clip presumably takes place in some reality between ours and the one on the BoJack TV show. After all, BoJack Horseman isn’t a real person in our reality and he doesn’t have a Netflix show in the cartoon reality, but maybe we’re just overthinking this. Either way, BoJack Horseman will come back for a fifth season of wacky, pun-filled adventures that are also occasionally soul-crushing and/or uplifting at some point in the future.

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