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Netflix's pot comedy Disjointed is cashed, man

(Photo: Patrick Wymore/Netflix)

Netflix handed down one of its still-rare cancellation notices today, announcing that its pot-themed comedy Disjointed has been officially cut off. The multi-cam sitcom—produced by The Big Bang Theory’s Chuck Lorre—starred Kathy Bates as the head of an L.A.-based weed dispensary.

As usual, Netflix’s secrecy about its viewership numbers make it difficult to figure out how many people were actually watching the show, but the reviews were decidedly unkind; several critics noted the uneasy disconnect between Disjointed’s multi-cam presentation and the drug and sex-based jokes it was unsuccessfully trying to peddle, despite the efforts of a talented cast that included SNL’s Chris Redd, comedian Betsy Sodaro, and Bates herself.


[via Variety]

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