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David Ayer’s Bright comes to Netflix in only 10 days, but everybody seems more excited about some other big sci-fi/fantasy movie that you actually have to leave your house to see. That movie may have laser swords and bird creatures, but Bright has at least one thing it doesn’t have: A horrifying metal ballad that is apparently the greatest orc love song ever written. The movie is about Will Smith as an LAPD officer who hates the fantasy creatures living in his city, especially the orc dude played by Joel Edgerton who happens to be his new partner, and apparently they have enough downtime in their police careers that they can hang out in a car and discuss orc music.

Bright has a lot going on aside from orc music, and that moment in the movie probably won’t be much longer than it is in this trailer, but you definitely won’t see a critical discussion like that in Star Wars. The movie will premiere on Netflix on December 22.


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