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(Screenshot: Rotten Apples)

It’s becoming difficult to keep track of which movies and TV shows include cast and crew members who have been accused of sexual misconduct, especially since more and more famous people are now facing allegations, but a new site called Rotten Apples is looking to “drive awareness of just how pervasive sexual misconduct in film and television is”—as explained by a page on the site itself—by creating a database that will let you know if a particular movie or TV show is connected to someone facing accusations. Each “rotten” result even includes a source, so you know that this isn’t just built on random rumors and speculation.

The concept is great, and the simplistic design presents it as the useful utility that the creator intends it to be, but Rotten Apples still has a number of inaccuracies at this point. Searching for Baby Driver will bring up Kevin Spacey, searching for Kill Bill will give you Harvey Weinstein, and searching for Home Alone 2 will give you Donald Trump, but Supergirl won’t give you Andrew Kreisberg, Disney’s Hercules doesn’t come up for James Woods (though Brett Ratner’s live-action movie does), and Loud House won’t bring up creator Chris Savino.


There’s a link where you can request changes or corrections, though, so rather than an indication that the site’s mission is flawed, this seems more like evidence of just how massive an undertaking this is—which is to say that the scale of the issue really is just massive.

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