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New trailer sees Star Wars: Rebels going Rogue in its final season

It’s one of the sad realities of Star Wars’ endless desire to explore the time period immediately before A New Hope that those stories that do so—Rogue One, Disney XD’s Star Wars: Rebels, the entire prequel trilogy—are never going to have a really happy ending. (After all, the film’s famous opening crawl describes a Rebellion that’s just barely managed to eke out its first, bloody win by stealing the Death Star plans.) Now, as Rebels prepares for its final season, the trailer shows a galaxy that’s almost certainly about to get darker before it gets bright again.


Sure, there are some lighter spots—Ezra is having weird, presumably hopeful wolf dreams, while Kanan and Hera are at least hypothetically contemplating a post-Rebellion future together—but we also have plenty of hints at darkness, including Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera’s descent into the extremism we saw him exhibit in Rogue One, and mentions of Ben Mendelsohn’s character, the pathetic-but-sinister Director Krennic. It’s not all necessarily building toward the massive downer ending of Rogue One—at the end of the day, this is still a Disney show—but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a bad feeling about things as the show’s finale approaches.

Star Wars: Rebels begins its fourth and final season with an hour-long premiere on October 16.