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Nick Cannon is making a women's basketball movie with noted feminist Chris Brown

(Photo: Getty Images for TIDAL, Theo Wargo)

According to Variety, Nick Cannon is set to direct, write, produce, and star in a movie about women playing street basketball called She Ball. With so much creative control over the project, Cannon was presumably also able to cast whoever he wanted in the film, and Variety says he used that power to cast none other than Chris Brown, a well-known friend to women everywhere. We don’t know who Brown will be playing, but Cannon did say in a statement that the movie’s goal is to “empower women,” so it apparently takes place in a fantasy world where Chris Brown can be in a movie that empowers women.

She Ball will be about a man who enlists the help of a women’s basketball league to help him save a local community center—a standard movie plot, in other words—and it’ll star Cedric The Entertainer, Evan Ross, and Rebecca De Mornay in addition to Chris Brown.


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