Nothing, forever transgender joke

One of Nothing, Forever’s creators told the show’s Discord that his team has “appealed the ban,” which occurred shortly after the stand-up set was broadcast, and said they will use the time off to “ensure to the best of our abilities that nothing like that happens again.”


They also stated that Larry/Jerry’s material might have been caused by a temporary switch from using OpenAI’s GPT-3 Davinci model to its Curie model, which lacks the same level of content moderation. Elsewhere in the Discord, another member of the Nothing, Forever team wrote that they “none of what was said [in the stream] reflects the devs’ (or anyone else on the staff team’s) opinions.”

While the rapid rise and fall of Nothing, Forever is probably best taken as an indictment of current AI technology’s much-vaunted ability to replace human artists, there’s also another, more cynical way to understand it. Perhaps, in the end, the lightning-quick computer brain responsible for the show just wanted to speedrun the all-too-familiar process of a once admired comedian estranging a large portion of their audience by publicly working out some reprehensible stand-up material.

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