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Oh, wait, Mark Ruffalo totally did spoil Endgame

What a stinker.
What a stinker.
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[Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. ]

It’s a known fact that Mark “Loose Lips” Ruffalo is one of the worst when it comes to accidentally spoiling Marvel’s secrets. It was a joyful surprise, then, when we all thought he made it through the biggest Marvel movie to date without giving one single thing away. Ruffalo himself even posted a video in which co-star Brie Larson congratulates him for keeping his mouth shut.


It turns out, though, that she was wrong. We were all wrong.

Way back on April 8, almost three weeks before Avengers: Endgame premiered to the world, Ruffalo revealed he was given fake scenes in his script to make it harder for him to spoil something. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen,” Ruffalo told E! News. “I shot, like, five different endings to this movie. I didn’t even get a whole script to this movie.” Even that couldn’t silence him, though, as just moments later he points to Chris Evans and shouts, “He gets married in this!” Ruffalo’s tone makes such a moment sound ridiculous and, on its surface, it does. But so was him revealing that a bunch of Avengers die in Infinity War.

As Evans said in the E! News interview, Ruffalo is pretty much a liability at this point and, hilariously, has to explain the Ruffalo why. “Because you have zero cred,” Evans told Ruffalo. “You have earned no trust in the Marvel universe. You, like, leak like a bodily function.” It’s possible Ruffalo thought it actually was a fake scene, since he wasn’t a part of either scenes involving old Cap or the last dance with Peggy. Or maybe he was privy to it all, and decided to throw fans off. Which worked, until you actually see the movie.

So when we wrote that Mark Ruffalo made it through without spoiling the movie on Monday, we were Boo Boo The Fool on this one. As such, our rule is now this: If Ruffalo says anything, take it to heart.

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