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Old man (justifiably) yells at cloud

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Aaron M. Epstein is a 90-year old man who, like many seniors throughout history, is not happy with the state of things. Unlike the majority of old people pissed off at the world outside their door, though, Epstein actually has pretty good reason to be mad.


As reported by California’s KTVU FOX 2, Epstein garnered attention after he decided to spend “more than $10,000" by taking out a pair of Wall Street Journal ads to tell AT&T his internet service sucks. Unlike young whippersnappers who may not have the time, money, or inclination to channel their anger at an internet provider through the press, Epstein decided getting his complaints in print was the best way to address ongoing issues with the company.

He says he’s been a satisfied AT&T customer “since the 1960s” but that his service has suffered over the last five years, making it almost impossible to watch streaming movies and TV. Epstein kept trying to request fiber optic internet after seeing it “heavily advertised” but wasn’t able to get a firm answer as to when it might be made available in his North Hollywood neighborhood. Fed up and with at least $10K to spare, he placed an open letter in February 3 editions of the Wall Street Journal telling AT&T that its service is “a major disappointment” to him and “the creative technical workers” in his area.

While he thought it was funny to be called “a 90-year old ‘kvetch’” in one article about his complaint, Epstein still thinks his ads were “money well spent,” especially considering that he received a phone call from the president of AT&T’s spokesperson acknowledging the ads and trying “to help move things along” soon after they were placed. Soon, he now believes, his neighborhood’s internet service will actually be improved.

There’s been no word on whether Epstein, immediately after hanging up from his conversation with the AT&T spokesperson, headed to a window to shake his fist at the virtual cloud and yell, “Who’s laughing now?”

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