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Once Upon A Time's current season will be its last

(Photo: ABC/Eike Schroter)

ABC has announced that it’s finally closing the book on its Disney-influenced fairy tale drama Once Upon A Time, with Variety reporting that the show’s current season will be its last. This isn’t entirely unexpected news for the series, mind you; the show faced some fairly significant seismic shifts going into its seventh season, given that its sixth ended with the resolution of all its major plot threads, the departure of most its regular cast, and its eventual movement on the schedule from Sundays to the dreaded Friday Night Death Slot.

But Once soldiered on for another year, following the grown-up adventures of Henry, the son of former series star Emma Swan. (Actress Jennifer Morrison having been one of several actors to leave the series after their contracts expired last year.) Series creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have made it clear, at least, that they knew this was a possibility when the season first began to air, and already have plans in place to turn the end of the seventh season into a makeshift series finale (beyond the one it already kind of had). ABC hasn’t announced yet when Once will return from winter hiatus to finish out its run.


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