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Patton Oswalt goes slumming with some of Mike Huckabee’s terrible jokes again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even if Patton Oswalt hadn’t just released a superb and wrenching stand-up special—which was preceded by the hilarious Talking For Clapping, and yes, a whole career in comedy and TV—he’d still be miles above Mike Huckabee’s “jokes,” i.e., tweeted musings that really only amuse the former governor.

Regardless, Oswalt returned to the faux-brick-walled stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to test out some of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ father’s material, which is now being doled out 280 characters at a time. The conservative cutup certainly appears to have been keeping up with the news, enough to weigh in on the NFL player protests and the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault and harassment allegations. There’s also a fart joke about CNN, in case you were worried Huckabee was a comedy elitist.


All in all, they’re the kind of jokes your backwards dad might make, and while Oswalt doesn’t try to sell them, he still nails the awkward delivery, especially when it’s time for Huckabee’s rambling tweet about Hillary Clinton’s emails, a thumb drive, and, uh, cereal? That one we don’t get, but it’s from the brilliant mind that gave us this Ted Cruz burn, so maybe it just went over our heads.