After weeks of teasing viewers with those mysterious "Remember?" ads—not a very nice thing to do to all those stoners, by the way—Adult Swim has finally admitted that they're going to air episodes of Pee Wee's Playhouse starting July 10th. In fact, they're airing all 45 episodes. Yes, even the one where Pee Wee finally puts an end to all the mounting tension, and breaks down and marries a bowl of fruit salad.

As I have stated many times, I hate nostalgia. But honestly I could not be more excited. It's like Adult Swim is reading my mind in 8th grade. First


Saved By The Bell (when Adult Swim briefly changed its name to "Crappy 1980's Live Action TV Show Network"), and now Pee Wee. In case you were wondering, Yes. If you're under the age of 27, Adult Swim is trying to recreate your childhood through its programming. So, any suggestions for what they should resurrect next?