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People are now begging Twitter to ban Trump, even though it probably never will

(Photo: Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla)

On September 25 of last year, The A.V. Club published a story with the following headline: “Twitter releases statement confirming it’ll never ban Trump.” We’ve been known to have some fun around here, whether it’s by subtly begging George Clooney to send us money or by saying “Papa John is Papa gone,” but this wasn’t one of those wacky Newswires. This was a pretty straightforward one about a pretty straightforward statement that Twitter made in which it indicated that the “newsworthiness” of Donald Trump’s Twitter page makes him essentially exempt from any and all of its normal policies. In other words, people pay more attention to Twitter because of Trump, and so Twitter—save for one accident—has no intention of getting rid of him.

And yet, Deadline is reporting that a group called Resistance SF has been projecting various anti-Trump messages on Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco in response to Trump’s latest nuclear war threats again Kim Jong Un, all in the hope of convincing CEO Jack Dorsey (a.k.a. “@Jack”) to kick Trump off of the service. The messages include “Be a hero: Ban Trump,” “Trump’s Dog Whistle” with an arrow pointing at the Twitter logo on the building, and “Trump or @Jack must go.” Resistance SF has shared some evidence of these little protests on Facebook, which is another nice dig at Twitter:


Obviously, nothing has come of this just yet, and it probably never will. Jack Dorsey isn’t going to ride in on a giant Twitter bird like one of the Great Eagles from Lord Of The Rings to save us all by banning Trump from his social media site, because even if he did it wouldn’t make Trump any less likely to set off a nuclear war. Rather than begging this company to do something it will probably never do, then, maybe we should just try ignoring Trump and his Twitter bullshit until he goes away like those advertisement monsters from The Simpsons. It’ll probably be just as effective, but without anyone having to read his dumb nonsense.

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