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Phantom Thread costume designer took home an Oscar and a Jet Ski last night

Photo: Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

The 90th annual Oscars ceremony had everything: A historic win (Jordan Peele’s Best Original Screenplay nod), Sufjan Stevens in that jacket, a star-studded field trip, as well as some not-so-surprising picks (kudos to Gary Oldman’s prosthetics). But the biggest prizes were handed out the very end of the night, with Guillermo Del Toro picking up the Best Picture trophy for The Shape Of Water, and Phantom Thread costume designer and newly minted Oscar winner Mark Bridges straddling a brand-new Jet Ski for being so succinct.

In an effort to keep the runtime manageable, host Jimmy Kimmel proffered a bright-green Jet Ski at the top of the ceremony to whichever winner delivered the shortest speech. Kimmel enlisted Oscar winner Helen Mirren to show off the Jet Ski (and her fabulous mermaid dress).


Once every other award had been handed out, including Frances McDormand’s second Best Actress win, Kimmel rushed to give Bridges his second prize of the evening. There’s no word on whether Bridges waited around to have his name engraved on the Jet Ski, too.

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