As you may have heard, The Library Of Congress has teamed with Flickr to create an easily searchable, public catalogue of historical photos. The photos are an important archive, a striking look into the collective historical memory of a nation–complete with informative, detached, but often weirdly poetic captions. But the Library Of Congress has only posted two photo collections (Great-Depression-Era color photos, and a series of black-and-white news photos from the 1910s) so far. How would their caption-writers put more recent events into historical perspective? Here you go:

Photos From TMZ As Captioned By The Library Of Congress

General view of the Famous at work. (Famous Woman gestating with Famous Child) Los Angeles, Calif. 2008

Actor surveys the United States Capitol from a great height underneath a red banner indicating the high-level of story's importance to the nation. Internet, 2008


Local children painted up and on parade in celebration of the local expensive goods store. Los Angeles, Calif. 2008

Actress publicizing moving picture about traditional wedding rites outside the Celebrity Internment Camp. Calif. 2008


With careful training, women can capably stand next to Famous Men, occasionally even breaking news. Red Carpet Company, Calif. 2008


A donkey with it's worst natural enemy, roasted poultry. [Not pictured: Hungry homesteaders quietly approaching with knives and forks in hand.] Internet, 2008