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Pitch can’t quite pull off that no-hitter

Kylie Bunbury, Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Kylie Bunbury, Mark-Paul Gosselaar / Ray Mickshaw, Fox

Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. For certain shows, one of our TV writers will publish some brief thoughts about the latest episode, and open the comments for readers to share theirs.

  • Well, that was a bummer of a way to end things. But Ginny’s big speech to Mike about her saving her own self is nice.
  • She’s also the adult when it comes to the awkward Mike situation. She should find another adult to be with.
  • “Just because you’re not moving doesn’t mean we can’t see you.” Mike is a lot like my cat, in just this one way.
  • Amelia now cements her role as the most unappreciated person on this show. Ginny refused to acknowledge how much she was doing for her, then unceremoniously fired her for actually giving Will the opportunity to defend himself.
  • Speaking of: Will is not a good brother. But given the love the show has for flashbacks, it’s pretty surprising we didn’t get to see a little more of his descent into shenanigans. Other than the one time we saw Amelia cut him a check, we never really got a sense of how he went from Ginny’s helpful brother to Ginny’s con man brother.
  • On the plus side? Despite what the pilot suggested, we rarely got Ghost Dad. After he got name-dropped here, it seemed like another appearance might be on the horizon, but there wasn’t one.
  • There are times this first season of Pitch started to seem like the Mike Lawson show instead of the Ginny Baker show. If it gets a second season, I hope it reorients around her a bit more.
  • “You stand in the center of your scariest stage, and you sing your song.” Other than throwing money at things, Tech Guy was not bad. Although it is a truth in this universe that no woman should be smitten by earnest acoustic guitar dudes.
  • Why was Ginny surprised by the no-hitter treatment? She’s been playing baseball for a long time.
  • We’re all Team Evelyn in the Sanders family fight, right?
  • Pitch could be a frustrating show at times over its first season. It was way too bogged down in Mike Lawson’s love life, and it sometimes seemed to forget how much drama it could pull from baseball itself. But it was also a sweet show about a really entertaining idea, populated by people who were generally trying their best to be good. There were people who behaved badly, but other than Will, almost no one was universally in the negative column. Nuance is not the easiest thing to manage, and Pitch was almost always fair to everyone, even the characters who were introduced as bad guys, like Kevin Connolly’s Charlie.
  • So Season 2 will be the season of Ross, right?