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Protesters attempt to throw monkey wrench into Foo Fighters show for vaccinated concertgoers

Featuring everyone's favorite child star-turned-paranoid-weirdo, Ricky Schroder!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
It’s times like these, you learn to be worried about your fanbase again.
It’s times like these, you learn to be worried about your fanbase again.
Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

After performing at the recent Vax Life vaccine-distribution fundraiser, Foo Fighters played a show at California’s Canyon Club last night that required attendees to present proof that they’d been vaccinated. This second example of the band aligning itself with the evil forces of public health was too much for many of its fans (and paranoid opportunists), leading to an anti-vaxxer protest being staged outside the venue that, with characteristically lucid analysis, described the concert’s entry requirements as “segregation.”

Photos from last night show people picketing with signs carrying messages like, “Foo Fighters Fight To Bring Segregation Back,” “Modern Segregation,” a picture of a hand whose middle finger is a syringe, and one partially obscured sign that appears to read “Vaccine Mandates Violate Bodily Autonomy.” Little Lord Fauntleroy himself, Ricky Schroder, put in an appearance, too, coming on by to show his support for the anti-vaxxers while wearing a “thin blue line” baseball cap.


Last week, Foo Fighters announced that they’d also be playing Madison Square Garden this Sunday and that show will also require proof of vaccination. In response, stalwart freedom fighter Schroder took to Facebook to post a picture of Dave Grohl drooling over a needle in a t-shirt that says, “Pharma Sellout.” Next to it, he writes: “Dave Grohl is an ignorant punk who needs slapped for supporting Discrimination. Ignorance comes in all shapes & sizes. Kurt Cobain is laughing at you Dave along with Millions of Patriots .... Fool.”

Naturally enough, other people joined in with sage comments on the concert policy being a form of “discrimination” and, god damn it all, support for “medical apartheid.” Josh Denny chimed in with the worst comparison of all, beginning with the reasonable assertion that mandatory vaccination policies alienate those who have valid medical reasons not to receive the shots, but ending with the stunning assertion that “vaccine mandatory’ is 2021's ‘whites only.’”


Clearly, a year of pandemic living has left us all more reasonable than ever before.

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