And The Verge published a massive article detailing the state of the free and open internet, or, if you’d like to pivot to video, a video that says the same thing much faster:

The point is, none of us will even get a chance to be fired so our companies can pivot to video if net neutrality is rescinded, thereby dulling the internet as a medium of cultural expression, not to mention social uprising. An internet tilted in favor of massive corporations is one in which all the wily, uninhibited chaos and creativity of the online world is neutralized in favor of streamlined capitalist hand-greasing. It turns a playground into a shopping mall, freewheeling pirate radio into ClearChannel.


You can send an easy form letter here, which is better than nothing. But FCC chairman Ajit Pai—he’s the antagonist here, a Trump-appointed former Verizon lawyer who is dead-fucking-set on making your Comcast bill kill you—has said that they’re more interested in “higher quality” responses. So if you have some time, go here and write your own message, even if it’s just a couple sentences. Among many other things, the way you consume and talk about pop culture depends on it.