Queer Eye: Season 7 | Official Trailer | Netflix

But that’s, in part, the beauty of Queer Eye: Everybody has a story, everybody has an issue, and this warm, wisecracking quintet gamely takes on all of the above with the same level of gusto no matter the circumstances. (“I don’t know what you take but I want some,” one hero jokes of JVN’s seemingly never-ending exuberance.) In a franchise first, the Fab Five even outsource some of their counseling and coaching this season to former heroes, both a lovely catch-up with characters from seasons past and also a moving reminder that the show does actually spur long-term changes in the lives of these people. “More than a makeover,” the show’s tagline promises. And it delivers. “The clothes, the hair, this beautiful apartment … it’s not gonna suddenly solve all of his problems,” Antoni declares at the end of Speedy’s episode. “All I can hope for with this week is that we just gave him a couple of tools for hope.”


Though this season touches on everything from accessibility to decarceration to HIV, season seven isn’t the show’s most politically radical, and there seems to be less of an effort this time around to pump the tension by having the Fab Five butt up against any blatant across-the-aisle ideologies. (Even that curmudgeonly deli owner, who on paper seems the most removed from the show’s core fanbase, is almost instantly amenable to the suggestions of our famously queer fivesome.) There surely can be an argument made that those who would most benefit from watching Queer Eye won’t be seeking it out based on the title and copious rainbow graphics alone. But there is a political potency to all that hope that’s on offer, to the potential and possibility that the Fab Five sees in and extracts from those everyday heroes.

Things might not “just keep getting better” in the world, as the show’s theme song so pluckily promises. But if Queer Eye can keep trading in all things hope and humor, in helpful tips and human tolerance, we’ll take as many seasons as the streaming gods want to give us.


Queer Eye season 7 premieres May 12 on Netflix