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We live in a very bizarre world, and these days it’s usually scary bizarre instead of just weird bizarre, but entertainment news has finally swung back to weird bizarre with the announcement that Quentin Tarantino is developing a Star Trek movie. This comes from Deadline, which says Tarantino sold Paramount on a “great idea” that he had for a Star Trek movie, and the studio is now assembling a writers room that will try to turn his great idea into an actual movie. Assuming that works out well enough, Tarantino might even stick around to direct.

Deadline says Tarantino also discussed his idea with J.J. Abrams, who initially rebooted the Trek movies but is now set to return to Star Wars with Episode IX. If Tarantino does direct, this would be one of the first times that he has ever directed something that wasn’t his original idea, with the others being a few episodes of CSI and ER. This Star Trek project is also probably a few years out, since Tarantino first has to make his Manson Family movie for Sony.


There’s no word on how many uses of the word “motherfucker” might appear in Tarantino’s Star Trek movie, but it will probably be significantly more than in any other Star Trek movie.

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