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Rashida Jones will star in Steve Carell's new cop sitcom for TBS

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rashida Jones' exit from Parks And Recreation is imminent, but she's wasted no time jumping back into the game. First, she sold innumerable TV comedies to various networks via her Le Train Train production company. And now, after declining to star in any of those, she's agreed to star in Tribeca, the single-camera comedy created by Steve Carell and wife Nancy Walls that they recently sold to TBS.

As previously reported, Tribeca is a comedy set at a police station—an idea that Carell's former Office boss, Michael Schur, also had recently. Though Carell's variation on the theme sounds a bit sillier, as Jones' character heads up the LAPD's "Really Heinous Crimes Unit," a team that will "refuse to rest until justice has been served… sort of." Yes, the show is set in L.A., as "Tribeca" refers not to the trendy New York neighborhood, but to Jones' character's name, Angie Tribeca, a possible long-lost descendent of Shelbyville Manhattan. In a groundbreaking bit of police-show plotting, Tribeca will be assigned a partner she's less than excited about—because she's a lone wolf, who works alone, is a loner, and prefers to go it alone. No word yet on whether she plays by her own rules, or some set of rules belonging to someone else.