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Read This: Larry David, fashion icon

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Here’s something you probably never noticed as Larry David was pissing off strangers, disrespecting the dead, and waxing rhapsodic about baldness: his fashion. Well, that’s probably because it doesn’t insist upon itself so much as exude a “‘what you see is what you get’ confidence,” so you’d be forgiven for not admiring his collection of unobtrusive sweaters and blazers. (Though who can forget his love for golfing outfits?)

The folks at MEL Magazine have noticed, however, and used it as a framing device in their recent revisitation of some of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s most cringeworthy moments, from the drama surrounding Chet’s shirt to the, well, drama surrounding his beloved Yankees’ jersey.


For example, here’s MEL’s thoughts on Larry’s outfit in season six episode “The Freak Book”:

“The Freak Book” (Season 6, Episode 5) sees Larry sporting his most familiar combo — a dark jacket over a soft blue sweater for exquisite contrast. (Here it’s a V-neck, but sometimes it’s a thin long-sleeve tee with a standard crew neck). This ensemble is a standout for all the risks it takes: matching black chinos to the visible black undershirt, both offset by the deep earth tone of his (corduroy? velour?) jacket, which he allows to function as a loose cardigan. The layering here is nothing short of masterful.

The best thing about this is that, even if you couldn’t give a rip about fashion, the accompanying photo of Jeff and him cackling over a guy with “three penises!” is enough to make you snicker in recollection at one of the series’ best bits: Larry’s inability to look at a book of “freaks” without devolving into the unhinged cackles of a preteen. If you think about it, it’s the elegance of Larry’s attire that makes it that much more hilarious.

One thing’s for sure, however: You’ll never find him in one of these.


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