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Real estate blog values Superman's Fortress of Solitude at $813 trillion

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Superman’s Fortress of Solitude is his place to get away from it all, and sometimes conduct science experiments in peace. But as a piece of real estate—a structure made of crystals in the Arctic—it’s tremendously expensive. The blog of real estate company Movoto has been creating valuations for the homes of comic book film superheroes, and Superman’s solitary abode is the latest.

The investigative listing weighs options on building material, since the Kryptonian crystal Sunstone is sadly fictitious. Fused quartz apparently shares Sunstone’s ability to store information once it’s heated, but then it’s no longer crystalline, so the author chooses the significantly more expensive option of diamond. (Though, as many recent articles attest, the diamond market is rather dubiously inflated.) Judging by the value of the world’s largest uncut diamond—the Cullinan Diamond, not the Fabulous Baseball Diamond—and entire fortress would cost somewhere in the ballpark of $813 trillion. That dwarfs the valuation of Wayne Manor at $32 million, but mostly because of the opulent choice of diamond as a building material and the insane market valuation of the jewel.